Is there anything I can do to help move the verification process along more quickly?

Please allow up to seven weeks for the verification to be received by WES. If your account status is still "Waiting for verification from institution” after seven weeks, we will issue a second verification request. Verification requests are sent to the institution via email only. WES no longer sends verification requests through postal mail or international courier. 

Generally, you do not need to take any action during this process. However, there are two exceptions:

1. If your institution requires a fee for its verification service, you will need to pay the fee directly to the institution.

2. If your institution requires authorization from you prior to verifying your documents, we will send you a notice asking you to contact your institution and give your permission.
Although the verification process does take time, the benefits of this process will lead to an accurate and verified WES evaluation report that is trusted and accepted by thousands of institutions in North America.

More help is available by phone or email.   Contact Us

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