Document Requirements for India

In August 2021, WES updated a policy for applicants educated in India. 

The update allows for applicants to send a sealed envelope from their institution directly to WES. If the envelope has been opened, or if it does not have a stamp or signature across the back flap from an appropriate governing body, then it will not be accepted by WES.

Applicants can confirm their new eligibility by logging into My Account and reviewing their Required Documents

Previously, from December 1, 2018, the policy stated that only institutions could send academic documents (such as marksheets) to WES.

Additionally, WES has digital partnerships with a growing number of institutions in India. This enable those institutions to send academic documents electronically. 

Applicants should learn if their institution has a digital partnership with WES. If so, they should request that this method be used to send their documents. It is the fastest and most secure way to send documents to WES. If the institution does not already have a digital partnership with WES, then the applicant should encourage their institution to submit a Digital Partnership Form to initiate one. 

Please note: WES can only speak to official representatives of academic institutions about initiating a digital partnership or electronically sending documents. 

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